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Bond, George Phillips, 1825-1865.


Found in 44 Collections and/or Records:

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1846-10-01/1847-07-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0156
Scope and Contents: Observations on the New Planet; Observations of Meteors over several nights; Jupiter; Possible double star; Corrections for Refraction; Observations on Neptune Oct 1846 to Jun 1847; Andromeda; Saturn; Notice f Comet sent to [list inludes J.Q. Adams, Washington D.C.; First Observations with the Great Refractor [p. 65]; Great Equatorial Observations June 30th 1847; Elements of the Comet of March 4th 1847 From Observations on March 5th, 12th, 19th

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1847-07-01/1847-12-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0157
Scope and Contents: Opposition of Neptune; Observations on the Comet, July 1847; Observation of the Moon; First Occultation observed with the Great Refractor;; Note on observing the "division of Saturn's ring" [Aug 27th 1847]; Great Nebula in Andromeda; Jupiter; Immersion of 29 Ophiuci; Observations of Lasell's Satellite of Neptune; Mars; Observations of Venus; Observations for Personal Equations with Prof. S.C. Walker"Rev J H Clinch with us -"Maria Mitchell's Comet...

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1847-12-01/1848-08-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0158
Scope and Contents: Dimensions of Pier; Nebula in Andromeda; Nebula in Orion; Colla's Comet; Observations of Jupiter; New Nebula; Mauvais Comet; Polaris; Hind's New Star (Nova Ophiuci No. 2); xi Ursa Majoris; epsilon Bootis; Neptune; Saturn; Opposition of Neptune with a star of the 8th magnitude; Ephemeris of Encke's Comet for 1848 Computed by Prof. Peirce; Ephemeris of Colla's Comet (from C. con Litrow; Miss Mitchell's Comet; Ephemeris of Great Elongation of Satellites of UranusNebula in Andromeda;...

Equatorial, Volume 3, 1855-01-13/1856-04-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0173
Scope and Contents: Observations: Saturn; Occultation of 19 Cancri by the Moon; Occultation of Uranus; Procyon; Occultation of Venus; Occultation of 46 Leonis; Personal Equation between W.C.B. and P.S.C.; Jupiter; Conjunction of Satellites; Neptune; Venus; Mars; Stars in the vicinity of Procyon; Ephemeris of de Vico Comet for 1855.Newspaper cutting pasted onto inner back cover: Nantucket Inquirer; Friday, Dec. 14, 1855: Letter to the Editor on discovery of a cometImages: Jupiter; Saturn;...

Records of the Harvard College Observatory Chronometric Expedition

Collection Identifier: UAV 630.349
Overview: In the mid-nineteenth century, the Chronometric Expedition was carried out by the Harvard College Observatory, under the direction of William Cranch Bond and in conjunction with the United States Coast Survey. The expedition used chronometers that were made by William Bond & Son, the Bond family's private business, to determine differences of longitude between the observatories in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Liverpool, England. The records primarily consist of notebooks, data sheets,...

Records of Harvard College Observatory Director George Phillips Bond

Collection Identifier: UAV 630.6
Overview: The Records of Harvard College Observatory Director George Phillips Bond, consisting of correspondence and subject files, manuscript drafts, and astronomical data, chiefly document the research activities of the Harvard College Observatory from 1859 to 1865. Chronicled are observations of planets, including Mars and Jupiter; efforts to determine the brightness of stars; and the detection of comets, eclipses, and other astronomical phenomena. George Phillips Bond (1825-1865), an astronomer, was...

Records of Harvard College Observatory Director William Cranch Bond

Collection Identifier: UAV 630.2
Overview: The Records of Harvard College Observatory Director William Cranch Bond document the founding, growth, and scientific research of the Harvard College Observatory primarily from 1840 to 1859. Also chronicled is the Observatory’s participation in advances made in astronomy, stellar photography, meteorology, continental exploration, and technological improvements in astronomical instruments in the early nineteenth century. William Cranch Bond (1789-1859), American astronomer and instrument...

Memoranda, 1862-01-03/1865-01-02 Digital

Item — Box: 7Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0278
Scope and Contents: This collection contains over 2500 logbooks and notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers and early Harvard astronomers.

Memoranda for Observatory Report, 1861-01-07/1864-12-31 Digital

Item — Box: 7Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0277
Scope and Contents: Contains newpaper clippings

Memoranda Relating to William C. Bond by G. P. Bond, 1859, 1859

Sub-Series Identifier: HUG 1225 and HUG 1226, HUG 1225.9
Scope and Contents: Manuscript material.