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Bond, William Cranch, 1789-1859


Found in 39 Collections and/or Records:

Chronometers, 1851-10-06/1853-07-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0144
Scope and Contents: Telegraph Signals; Sidereal Chronometer Records; R.F. Bond to Halifax; Chronometer sent to Charleston, South Carolina; Mean Time Clock; Time for Boston; Transit of Arcturus

Chronometers (Annular Eclipse 5/26/1854), 1853-07-01/1855-04-21 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0145
Scope and Contents: Daily time records; Annular Eclipse of May 26; Remarks by W.C.B.; Meteorological Remarks

[Comets and Double Stars], Volume 1, 1848-11-01/1849-02-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0154
Scope and Contents: 1848 June Measures of the Observatory Buildings Piers and Instruments.

Ring of Saturn and other observations relating to planet including satellites; Enckes Comet; Observations of Jupiter; New comet first seen [Saturday, Nov. 25th]; Mercury; New satellite of Saturn [Dec. 18th]; Petersen's Comet; Nebula R 0h39m Dec -26 ..13'; Examination of Collimation of G[reat] R[efractor][Dec 28th]; Orion; satellite of Neptune; Notes on viewing conditions; Errors of the Equatorial [p. 605]

Drawings of sunspots by William Cranch Bond, approximately 1847-1849, 1847-1849

Sub-Series Identifier: HUG 1225 and HUG 1226, HUG 1225.7
Scope and Contents: Hand-drawn observations.

Equatorial, 1858-09-25/1858-11-11 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0182
Scope and Contents: Observations: Donati's Comet; Asteroid Searle; Photography; Tuttle Comet VII; Searle's Planet; Collection of Memoranda relating to naked eye view of Comet of Donati in Sept. & Oct. 1858; [newsprint clipping] Boston Daily Advertiser: The Great Comet of 1858; ephemeris of Mr. Schubert's Asteroid; Ephemeris of Comet VIII; Ephemeris of Comet V

Numerous sketches of Comet of Donati

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1847-11-01/1848-02-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0159
Scope and Contents: Powers of the different eyepieces of the Great Telescope

Orion Nebula; Mars; Jupiter; Lyra; Uranus and satellite; Trapezium; Andromeda; Occultation of 80 Piscium; 29 Ophiuci

Drawings / Star Maps: pp. 260, 266, 267, 268, 270, 271, 272, 274, 283, 288, 292, 294, 295, 310, 319, 326, 327, 328, 331, 332

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1846-10-01/1847-07-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0156
Scope and Contents: Observations on the New Planet; Observations of Meteors over several nights; Jupiter; Possible double star; Corrections for Refraction; Observations on Neptune Oct 1846 to Jun 1847; Andromeda; Saturn; Notice f Comet sent to [list inludes J.Q. Adams, Washington D.C.; First Observations with the Great Refractor [p. 65]; Great Equatorial Observations June 30th 1847; Elements of the Comet of March 4th 1847 From Observations on March 5th, 12th, 19th

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1847-07-01/1847-12-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0157
Scope and Contents: Opposition of Neptune; Observations on the Comet, July 1847; Observation of the Moon; First Occultation observed with the Great Refractor;; Note on observing the "division of Saturn's ring" [Aug 27th 1847]; Great Nebula in Andromeda; Jupiter; Immersion of 29 Ophiuci; Observations of Lasell's Satellite of Neptune; Mars; Observations of Venus; Observations for Personal Equations with Prof. S.C. Walker"Rev J H Clinch with us -"Maria Mitchell's Comet...

Equatorial, Volume 1, 1847-12-01/1848-08-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0158
Scope and Contents: Dimensions of Pier; Nebula in Andromeda; Nebula in Orion; Colla's Comet; Observations of Jupiter; New Nebula; Mauvais Comet; Polaris; Hind's New Star (Nova Ophiuci No. 2); xi Ursa Majoris; epsilon Bootis; Neptune; Saturn; Opposition of Neptune with a star of the 8th magnitude; Ephemeris of Encke's Comet for 1848 Computed by Prof. Peirce; Ephemeris of Colla's Comet (from C. con Litrow; Miss Mitchell's Comet; Ephemeris of Great Elongation of Satellites of UranusNebula in Andromeda;...

Equatorial, Volume 3, 1855-01-13/1856-04-01 Digital

Item — Box: 4Identifier: KG11365-6, phaedra0173
Scope and Contents: Observations: Saturn; Occultation of 19 Cancri by the Moon; Occultation of Uranus; Procyon; Occultation of Venus; Occultation of 46 Leonis; Personal Equation between W.C.B. and P.S.C.; Jupiter; Conjunction of Satellites; Neptune; Venus; Mars; Stars in the vicinity of Procyon; Ephemeris of de Vico Comet for 1855.Newspaper cutting pasted onto inner back cover: Nantucket Inquirer; Friday, Dec. 14, 1855: Letter to the Editor on discovery of a cometImages: Jupiter; Saturn;...