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Friedan, Betty


Found in 31 Collections and/or Records:

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, 1937-1993 (inclusive), 1970-1993 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 576: T-125: Vt-1

Papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, 1941-2006 (inclusive), 1980-2000 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 577

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Audiotape collection of the National Women's Conference, 1977

Collection Identifier: T-88

Audiotape collection of recordings from the National Women's Conference, held November 18-21, 1977, in Houston, Texas.

Papers of Catherine Shipe East, 1941-1996

Collection Identifier: MC 477: T-264: CD-131

Papers of government official and feminist activist Catherine East

Family Planning Oral History Project Interviews, 1973-1977

Collection Identifier: OH-1: T-25: M-138: A1-3

Tapes and transcripts of 24 oral histories of the Family Planning Oral History Project, an oral history project of the Schlesinger Library, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Audio collection of Betty Friedan, 1963-2007

Collection Identifier: T-97: T-125: Phon-7

Audio collection of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, teacher, and author includes radio broadcasts, speeches, etc.

Papers of Betty Friedan, 1933-1985

Collection Identifier: MC 575: T-97: T-125: Vt-1: Phon-7

Papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Video collection of Betty Friedan, ca.1970-2006

Collection Identifier: Vt-1: DVD-34

Video collection of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Papers of Wilma Scott Heide, 1968-1985

Collection Identifier: MC 495

Papers of Wilma Scott Heide, sociologist and chair and president of the National Organization for Women.

Papers of Gerda Lerner, 1924-2006

Collection Identifier: MC 498: T-492

Papers of historian and feminist Gerda Lerner reflecting her professional career, writings, and lectures.

Records of the National Organization for Women, 1959-2002 (inclusive), 1966-1998 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 496: M-152

Records of the National Organization for Women (1966- ), the largest feminist organization in the United States

Papers of Barbara Seaman, 1920-1983

Collection Identifier: 82-M33--84-M82

Correspondence, letters from readers, minutes, etc., of Barbara Seaman, feminist and author.

Papers of Frances Arick Kolb, 1955-1990 (inclusive), 1972-1990 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 481

Papers of Frances Arick Kolb, educational consultant, historian, and Eastern Regional Director and board member of the National Organization for Women.

Papers of Gerda Lerner, 1950-1995

Collection Identifier: 75-37--96-M8

Correspondence, interviews, writings, etc., of Gerda Lerner, historian and author.

Papers of Marcia Cohen, 1967-1987

Collection Identifier: MC 945

Transcripts of interviews conducted by Marcia Cohen with feminist leaders as well as minutes, correspondence, and other materials documenting the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Papers of Marguerite Rawalt, 1870s-1989

Collection Identifier: MC 478: Vt-125

Papers of Marguerite Rawalt, attorney and officer in the National Federation of Business and Professional Women, National Organization for Women, and Women's Equity Action League.

Papers of NOW officer Dolores Alexander, 1960-1973

Collection Identifier: MC 499: T-157

Papers of National Organization for Women executive director Dolores Alexander.

Papers of NOW officer Elizabeth Farians, 1965-1973

Collection Identifier: MC 480

Papers of National Organization for Women officer Elizabeth Farians, coordinator of NOW's Ecumenical Task Force on Women and Religion.

Papers of NOW officer Mordeca Jane Pollock, 1969-1976

Collection Identifier: MC 487

Papers of National Organization for Women board member Mordeca Jane Pollock.

Papers of NOW officer Shirley Bernard, 1966-1981

Collection Identifier: MC 491

Papers of National Organization for Women officer Shirley Bernard, coordinator of NOW's Western Region.

Papers of Susan Bolotin, 1982-1983

Collection Identifier: MC 358

Letters to Susan Bolotin and to the editor of The New York Times Magazine in response to Bolotin's cover article, "Voices from the Post-Feminist Generation."

Papers of Toni Carabillo and Judith Meuli, ca.1890-2008 (inclusive), 1950-2005 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 725: T-405: DVD-24: CD-71

Personal and professional papers, including correspondence, appointment calendars, photograph/scrapbook albums and other photographs, writings, notes, research and printed materials, audiocassettes etc., of feminists and National Organization for Women officers Toni Carabillo and Judith Meuli, who were politically active in California and nationally.

Photographs of Diana Mara Henry, 1969-1985

Collection Identifier: PC 12

Black and white photographs of women in the United States, most of whom are involved in politics, by Diana Mara Henry, photographer.

Radcliffe College Archives sound recordings collection, 1951-2008

Collection Identifier: RG XX, Series 8-9

Sound recordings of Radcliffe College events, including lectures, seminars, and student, alumnae and Bunting Institute concerts. The tapes also include Bunting Institute seminars and interviews with fellows, Radcliffe Publishing Course lectures and events, and Schlesinger Library talks and symposia.

Records of the National Association of Commissions for Women, 1975-1982

Collection Identifier: 83-M132

Records, resolutions, correspondence, etc., of the National Association of Commissions for Women, an association of status of women commissions, mostly at the state level.


Feminists--United States 20
Feminism--United States 19
Audiotapes 16
Women's rights--United States 15
Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States 14
∨ more
Sex discrimination against women--United States 13
Speeches 13
Equal rights amendments--United States 11
Interviews 11
Oral histories 9
Videotapes 9
Photographs 8
Transcripts 8
Women political activists--United States 8
Abortion--United States 7
College teachers--United States 7
Manuscripts for publication 7
Authors, American 6
Electronic records 6
Sex discrimination in employment--United States 6
Web sites 6
Women--Employment--United States 6
Women--United States--Social conditions 6
Equal rights amendments 5
International Women's Year, 1975 5
Older women--United States 5
Women--Congresses 5
Ageism--United States 4
Aging--Social aspects--United States 4
Demonstrations--United States 4
Equal pay for equal work--United States 4
Jewish women 4
Jewish women--United States 4
Journalists--United States 4
Office politics--United States 4
Pay equity--United States 4
Women in mass media 4
Women--Political activity--United States 4
Appointment books 3
Authors 3
Compact discs 3
Essays 3
Fan mail 3
Feminism--International cooperation 3
Journalists 3
Lawyers 3
Lectures 3
Phonograph records 3
Political conventions 3
Publishers and publishing 3
Second-wave feminism--United States 3
Sex role 3
Women authors 3
Women lawyers--United States 3
Women's rights--Congresses 3
Women's studies--United States 3
Women--Education--United States 3
Women--Psychology 3
Women--Religious aspects 3
Women--United States--History 3
Abused women--United States 2
Affirmative action programs 2
African American women--History 2
Bibliographies 2
Birth control--United States 2
Boycotts--United States 2
By-laws 2
Child support--United States 2
Civil rights--United States 2
Contraception 2
DVD-Video discs 2
Democratic National Convention (1972 : Miami Beach, Fla.) 2
Divorced women--United States 2
Do it NOW (Chicago, Ill.) 2
Drugs--Labeling--Law and legislation 2
Educators 2
Estrogen--Therapeutic use 2
Feminism 2
Feminism--United States--States 2
Feminist theology--United States 2
Fertility, Human 2
Finance, Personal 2
Gerontology 2
Historians--United States 2
Hormone therapy 2
Hormones, Sex 2
Lecturers 2
Lesbianism 2
Lesbians--United States 2
Married women--United States 2
Menopause 2
Nurses--United States 2
Old age--United States 2
Oral contraceptives--United States 2
Physicians--Malpractice 2
Press and politics--United States 2
Pro-choice movement--United States 2
Questionnaires 2
Sex discrimination against women 2
Sex discrimination against women--Law and legislation 2
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