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Jeffries, B. Joy (Benjamin Joy), 1833-1915


Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

Desmarres ophthalmoscope, late 19th century, Late 19th century

Item Identifier: WAM001, c21127, 21131
Scope and Contents:

"CHARRIERE A. PARIS" - inside the case; "CHARRIERE OPHTHALMOSCOPE DU(?)D.DESMARRES"- on the ophthalmoscope; "Desmarres ophthalmoscope given by Dr.B.Joy Jefrries" - paper note inside the case;

Jeffries, B. Joy (Benjamin Joy), 1833-1915. Collection of eye instruments and apparatuses formerly of John Jeffries (1745-1819), John Jeffries (1796-1876), and John Howard Dix (1813-1884), 1765-1885, 1765-1885

Series Identifier: WAM001, c21127
Scope and Contents:

Collection of instruments used by multiple physicians, including John Jeffries (1745-1819), John Jeffries (1796-1876), and John Howard Dix (1813-1884). The collection was composed by B. Joy (Benjamin Joy) Jeffries (1833-1915).

Jeffries, B. Joy (Benjamin Joy), 1833-1915. Donders' Worsteds for testing color blindness, used by B. Joy Jeffries in his research, 1857-1915, 1857-1915

Series Identifier: WAM001, 22251
Scope and Contents:

"HOLMGREN'S WORSTEDS" printed on exhibit label in box. "M. 428 / Holmgren Worsted" handwritten on tag. Notes about the kit present in box on stationary belonging to B Joy Jeffries.