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National Organization for Women


Found in 75 Collections and/or Records:

Additional audiotapes of the National Organization for Women, ca.1970-2001

Collection Identifier: T-466

Additional audiotapes of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the largest feminist organization in the United States.

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, 1937-1993 (inclusive), 1970-1993 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 576: T-125: Vt-1

Papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, 1941-2006 (inclusive), 1980-2000 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 577

Additional papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Additional papers of Charlotte Bunch, 1950-1988

Collection Identifier: 87-M149--88-M18

Addenda to the papers of Charlotte Bunch, lesbian feminist activist and writer.

Papers of Ti-Grace Atkinson, 1938-2013

Collection Identifier: MC 785: T-537: CD-110

Papers of feminist, writer, and professor, Ti-Grace Atkinson.

Papers of Dolores Bargowski, 1943-2008

Collection Identifier: MC 932

Papers of lesbian feminist activist Dolores Bargowski include photographs, letters, writings, and minutes, position papers, statements, etc., of organizations with which she was affiliated.

Additional records of Boston N.O.W., 1970-2005

Collection Identifier: MC 632

Additional records of the Boston Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) document members' activism for reproductive rights, economic equality, ending violence against women, etc.

Records of Boston N.O.W., 1967-1990

Collection Identifier: 77-M13--96-M48: T-187

Correspondence, minutes, reports, audiotapes, etc., of Boston National Organization for Women, an organization working for legal, economic, and social equality for women.

Records of the Boston Women's Fund, 1966-2014

Collection Identifier: MC 919: T-540: DVD-135: Vt-305

Reports, meeting minutes, incorporation papers, by-laws, correspondence, memos, grant applications, publications, financial records, photographs, video and audio recordings, press releases, and financial records of the Boston Women's Fund. Grant applications include pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and other publications from Boston-based grassroots community organizations for women.

Papers of Barbara Deming, 1886-1995

Collection Identifier: MC 408: T-248

Correspondence, writings, etc., of Barbara Deming, feminist lesbian author and activist.

Papers of Catherine Shipe East, 1941-1996

Collection Identifier: MC 477: T-264: CD-131

Papers of government official and feminist activist Catherine East

Papers of Elizabeth Farians, 1880-2013 (inclusive), 1942-2013 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 866: CD-88: DVD-115: T-515: Vt-276

Writings, correspondence, and papers collected and created by theologian, feminist, animal rights advocate, and social justice activist Elizabeth Farians.

Audio collection of Betty Friedan, 1963-2007

Collection Identifier: T-97: T-125: Phon-7

Audio collection of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, teacher, and author includes radio broadcasts, speeches, etc.

Papers of Betty Friedan, 1933-1985

Collection Identifier: MC 575: T-97: T-125: Vt-1: Phon-7

Papers of Betty Friedan, feminist, activist, and author.

Papers of Sonia Pressman Fuentes, ca.1929-2009 (inclusive), 1955-2009 (bulk)

Collection Identifier: MC 612: CD-40: T-361: Vt-167

Correspondence, transcripts of speeches and other writings, articles and clippings, and notes of attorney, women's rights activist, writer, and public speaker, Sonia Pressman Fuentes.

Papers of Elinor C. Guggenheimer, 1959-1980

Collection Identifier: 77-M162--80-M255

Articles, speeches, correspondence, etc., of Elinor Coleman Guggenheimer, public official and civic worker.

Papers of Barbara Hays, 1973-2009

Collection Identifier: MC 688

Correspondence, NOW national conference files, memorabilia, etc., of NOW activist and staff member Barbara Hays.

Papers of Wilma Scott Heide, 1968-1985

Collection Identifier: MC 495

Papers of Wilma Scott Heide, sociologist and chair and president of the National Organization for Women.

Audiotape collection of Frances Arick Kolb, 1979-1981

Collection Identifier: T-312

Audiocassettes of interviews with former NOW officers and members concerning history of NOW.

Papers of Shelah Gilbert Leader, 1961-2003

Collection Identifier: MC 992

Papers of Shelah Gilbert Leader document her work as recording secretary for the United States National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year; and include Leader's writings on women.

Papers of Priscilla Marie Tremper Leith, 1973-2013

Collection Identifier: MC 969

Equal Rights Amendment material of journalist and local political activist Priscilla Marie Tremper Leith.

Papers of Florence Luscomb, 1856-2001

Collection Identifier: MC 394: T-53: T-70: T-177: Phon 14

Papers of architect, suffragist, and political activist, Florence Luscomb.

Moving image collection of the National Organization for Women, 1974-2006

Collection Identifier: Vt-241; MP-34; DVD-7

Videotapes, motion pictures, and DVDs documenting the National Organization for Women's (NOW) conferences, marches and rallies, and political activism, as well as its role as plaintiff in NOW v. Scheidler.

Papers of Pauli Murray, 1827-1985

Collection Identifier: MC 412: T-194: T-245

Correspondence, writings, photographs, etc., of Pauli Murray, lawyer, activist, and first African-American woman ordained as an Episcopal priest.

National Institute for Women of Color, 1977-1991

Collection Identifier: MC 876: T-520

Collection includes correspondence, minutes, reports, grant applications, photographs, conference materials, etc documenting the administration of the National Institute for Women of Color.


Feminism--United States 54
Women's rights--United States 50
Feminists--United States 49
Women--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States 37
Sex discrimination against women--United States 36
∨ more
Audiotapes 30
Equal rights amendments--United States 29
Sex discrimination in employment--United States 19
Photographs 17
Speeches 17
Abortion--United States 15
Electronic records 15
Videotapes 13
Web sites 12
Women political activists--United States 12
Interviews 11
Oral histories 11
Demonstrations--United States 10
International Women's Year, 1975 10
Transcripts 10
Women--United States--Social conditions 10
Pro-choice movement--United States 9
Boycotts--United States 8
Equal pay for equal work--United States 8
Equal rights amendments 8
Pay equity--United States 8
Sex discrimination against women--Law and legislation 8
Women's rights 8
Women--Employment--United States 8
College teachers--United States 7
Lesbians--United States 7
Minutes 7
Office politics--United States 7
Sex discrimination in higher education--United States 7
Women lawyers--United States 7
Women--Societies and clubs 7
Associations, institutions, etc. 6
Civil rights--United States 6
Divorced women--United States 6
Lesbianism--United States 6
Manuscripts for publication 6
Married women--United States 6
Older women--United States 6
Questionnaires 6
United States--Armed Forces--Women 6
Women--Political activity--United States 6
Abortion--Law and legislation--United States 5
Appointment books 5
Compact discs 5
Essays 5
Jewish women--United States 5
Journalists--United States 5
Legal documents 5
Pro-life movement--United States 5
Women--Religious aspects 5
Authors, American 4
Child support--United States 4
DVD-Video discs 4
Feminism--International cooperation 4
Financial records 4
Help-wanted advertising--United States 4
Labor laws and legislation--United States 4
Pro-choice movement--Massachusetts 4
Reproductive rights--United States 4
Second-wave feminism--United States 4
Testimonies 4
Women and religion--United States 4
Women authors 4
Women in mass media 4
Women journalists--United States 4
Women's rights--Congresses 4
Women--Congresses 4
Women--Education--United States 4
Women--Legal status, laws, etc. 4
Women--Social conditions 4
Abortion--Law and legislation--Massachusetts 3
Affirmative action programs 3
Affirmative action programs--Law and legislation 3
Affirmative action programs--Massachusetts 3
Ageism--United States 3
Aging--Social aspects--United States 3
Bibliographies 3
Boston (Mass.)--Social conditions 3
Civil rights 3
Diaries 3
Do it NOW (Chicago, Ill.) 3
Fan mail 3
Feminism--United States--States 3
Feminist theology--United States 3
Lawyers 3
Lawyers--United States 3
Marriage--United States 3
Minority women--United States 3
Peace movements--United States 3
Phonograph records 3
Poems 3
Political conventions 3
Press and politics--United States 3
Press releases 3
Sex discrimination against women 3
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